After weeks of experiment, over 300 cups of teas and coffees (only kidding!) here we are, please to welcome you on to our new look website.  Apart from more polished and sleek look, we have improved the design and re-written the code for better user experience on mobile and tablets.

Main goal was to improve the loading speed, we have achieved that by reducing amount of unnessary background element loading , reducing usage of images, optimizing and compressing codes and images.

From security related, our site delivers content using http2.0 rather than http1.0, on technical side, all data trasferred in and out now done over secure encrypted protocol.

We hope you’ll find our new site more pleasing, attractive and quick to load.  We are open to further refinement based on user feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments about our site in general please contact us and let our developer team know.

Many thanks for visiting us.
LifeForce Security I.T Team